We are an innovative information technology and application development company.

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iMARC, Inc.

Your Information Technology Solution

iMARC, Inc. is a comprehensive solutions provider, offering customized programming for the Windows and VMS operating systems as well as providing a full range of network design, setup and management solutions. iMARC, Inc. also offers technical writing, web design and hosting services. iMARC, Inc. can handle all of your company’s information technology needs.

With today’s economy, businesses have to cut costs and trim payroll. However, to keep up with the competition, an investment still needs to be made in computing technology. iMARC, Inc. knows that hiring an IT individual costs more than just a salary. Overhead costs such as insurance, worker’s compensation and training quickly increase the financial burden, and at the end the business is left with an individual whose skill set is limited.

iMARC, Inc., on the other hand, is qualified to meet your needs across a wide range of disciplines, and we all work together to accomplish your goals. Our philosophy is to provide multiple skill sets for the same cost and no overhead. You don't hire just one person from iMARC: you hire the entire company.